In Person

Mr. Othman Haj Ismail – MSc in Industrial Management

Management consultant, facilitator and Principal trainer (BPMC)
Had almost 25 years experienced in Various Industry and sectors value chain such as from upstream to down stream such as in Strategy, Project Planning, manufacturing, logistic, sales and after sales . Had been working with different layers of level in the organization from bottom to senior level position. Well verse with the issues related to industry strategically, tactical and operational aspects.

Business Venture
1.  Founder and Principal Consultant & Trainer of BPMC
2. Co Founder & CEO of Iana Global Talent Network Sdn Bhd.
3. Country Coordinator representing Malaysia – Innompic Games
4. Representative for ASEAN region – Innompic Games

Founder Philosophy
Willing to help people’s who want to succeed in life, career as well as organization who want to succeed in their venture.

Business Interest
1.  Related to E’Commere, digital technology, help client to achieve a benchmark company and creating
2. Innovative company